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From Paris to Alice

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Alice From Paris to Alice, has launched a high-end online clothing store in Belgium. She is the founder and mastermind of high-quality European brands with a difference and a fashion line that is being hailed as edgy and unique. “I’m thrilled that my high-end fashion line is so popular amongst the public”, Alice states. “I have a passion for fashion and I believe that my clothing line will stand out from the rest”.

Alice born of Spanish decent was raised in Belgium and inherited her passion for fashion from her mother. She has extensive experience in high fashion eyewear and has launched her unique collection of brands to make women all across the world feel radiant and confident in their appearance.

Alice was drawn to fashion from her early years and began to research the fashion industry. Her vision was to launch a style that that is envious to everyone. She feels that the quality and style of clothing she puts together will set her apart from the rest in the fashion world. She likes to surprise people and believes that her influence of Parisian style will start a new trend.

She counts Paris as her second home and inspiration for her fashion and style and the one place where she scours for most of her brands that she believes her clients will also love. She wants to bring the glamour of Parisian style to women everywhere.

Discover their collection and meet Alice in person to get the best tips and ideas by appointment only.

Alice From Paris to Alice states that, “I’m in love with Paris and it is where I find most of my well-loved brands. I scour the capitals of Europe to bring fashion and sophistication to fashion lovers everywhere. The Parisian style encourages women to look and feel radiant every day”.

About Alice
Alice was born in Belgium and inherited a love of fashion and clothing from her mother and aunt. She has years of experience in the fashion industry and has her own collection of clothing and accessories for women to feel confident, radiant and beautiful. She loves Paris and has launched her brands in the City of Light. To share her passion and inspiration, you can visit her website for more information on