Grasshopper, a trusted Sydney waste management services provider, offers resource recovery and recycling services. The company’s processes are well-documented enabling them to create comprehensive compliance reports.

[ARNDELL PARK, 26/10/2018] – Sydney-based waste management services provider Grasshopper offers resource recovery and recycling services to the Greater Sydney area’s demolition and construction sectors. The team coordinates closely with clients to render transparent, verifiable services and provides comprehensive reports for audits.

Ethical Handling of Waste

Grasshopper’s facilities are fully equipped to recover useful material from clients’ stream of waste. Combining hand sorting and machine processing, all recoverable materials are extracted. Materials such as soil, masonry, timbers and vegetation are separated and processed for re-use while glass, metals, plastics and cardboard materials are sent for recycling.

Grasshopper sees to it that their services are transparent and verifiable through documenting the whole recovery process starting from the site collection. They provide detailed evidence to prove environmental obligations have been met. They have helped many clients for their Green Star accreditation with reports that detail the site the waste came from, contents of the skip, how much waste is diverted and more.

Helping Companies Boost their Green Credentials

Grasshopper is 100% committed to environmental compliance. The team at Grasshopper is well-versed in waste management and environmental policy. Members review the NGER Scheme and reports from Green Star and LEED accredited bodies to ensure that their methods and processes are 100% compliant.
The company helps clients strengthen their project’s green credentials by ensuring optimal landfill diversion.

In some phases of construction, Grasshopper provides extra skips for certain types of waste such as rubble, steel and timber to maximise chances of reusing and recycling materials.

About Grasshopper

Grasshopper, a family-owned business established in Blue Mountains, has been providing professional waste management services to different industries for over thirty years. From construction companies to hospitality industries, Grasshopper ensures that clients experience efficient and rapid services. Having recently established a depot in Arndell Park, the business now has the ability to service the whole of the Sydney metro area efficiently.The company values and follows environmental responsibility, timely service, reporting and on-site efficiency to provide excellent services to clients and partner companies.
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