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Hydrogen purifier refers to an equipment that is used for purifying hydrogen, mainly if the product is a derivative of hydrocarbon sources. Hydrogen is employed in several industrial processes, mainly in the refining industry. It is considered as a core component of the off-gases produced diverse refinery processes. Conventionally, off-gases were employed as an energy resource used for burning. Nevertheless, owing to stringent regulations and decreased margins, the technologies that are used for the retrieval of hydrogen are getting significant and extensive attention. The manufacturers of hydrogen are extremely cost sensitive in terms of hydrogen purification devices as the cost that generally incurs to them is that of hydrogen. The most prominent hydrogen purifiers are deoxygenation purifiers or catalytic recombination, pressure swing adsorption, dense thin-metal membrane hydrogen purifiers, and palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers.

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Global Hydrogen Purifiers Market: Key Trends

Among the various different hydrogen purifiers, the technique that is most adopted and is the established hydrogen purification process is the pressure swing adsorption technique. This particular technology is based on the physical molecular binding process of gas to a material that is solid adsorbent such as zeolites, carbon molecular sieves, silica gel, and activated carbon. It uses the factors hydrogen such as weak force of attraction and low polarity. Dense thin metal membrane hydrogen purifiers are comparatively inexpensive and are simpler to use. Nevertheless, the hydrogen purity level that is extracted is not acceptable for different high-end applications. In terms of niche applications such as for the semiconductor industry, there is no alternative for palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers. Most of the hydrogen that is supplied to developing nations such as India and China is of varied consistency. This further results in contamination spikes in the feed that is used by the technologies which run on absorbed H2. The replacement cost of the contaminated epiwafers that is caused by the required downtime and the impurities for the clean-up of the tools is prohibitive to the producers. However, the market is yet to witness steady growth owing to the rising use of heavy oils in refining and the growing demand for extremely pure hydrogen along with environmental restrictions and low profit margins.

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Global Hydrogen Purifiers Market: Vendor Landscape

The leading companies at play in the market are Ally Hi-Tech, Chart Industries, Air Products, Schmack Carbotech GmbH, SAES Pure Gas Inc., Petronas, Xebec, Advanced Extraction Technologies Inc., Yangtze Energy Technologies Inc., and Honeywell UOP.