With respect to the sort of fuel you use in your wood burning fireplace, the kind of firewood you consume can have a major effect on the idea of your fire. Black Forest Firewood is conveying fresh firewood in Sydney to the Blue Mountains for 35 years.

Ensuring that you use wood with a precise firewood moisture content will significantly enhance the performance of your wood burning stove. Being a reliable firewood supplier in Sydney, we are offering Firewood association certified wood straight to your door.

Black Forest Firewood is committed to the long term future of firewood supplying. Firewood comes in many types: soft or hard woods, quick to light or difficult to light, long lasting burn, fast burning, large flames or small flames.

Seasoned firewood is the best to work with, as it will light quickly and consume longer than the non-prepared variety. In the event that you require fires that exhaust impeccably and productively, you ought to just utilize firewood that has been fittingly arranged, or dried.

Utilizing green, or wet, wood can understand smoking issues, see issues, and restored movement of creosote, which can incite an unsafe chimney fire. Firewood is sold by the volume, and our very own is sold by 2 cubic meter bins. What ever your require Blackforest Firewood can accomodate.

Properly seasoned firewood will for the most part have obscured closes with perceptible breaks or parts and will be altogether lighter than green wood. You can in like way pound two bits of the wood together, and if you hear a sensible pounding sound, the wood is more then likely arranged. Firewood is for the most part sold by the volume, and our very own is sold by the cubic cm. What you arrange in volume is passed on as our containers have been ensured by the Firewood Association.

Firewood Suppliers in Sydney supply sustainable and legally sourced firewood. Consistence with the National Code of Practice for Firewood Suppliers, we supply diverse Firewood types: Ironbark, Redgum, Box, Standard Eco-Hardwood and Kindling. Initially situated in Prospect, our yard has recently moved to a rural setting at Badgerys Creek where we have proceeded with our firewood supply to all of Sydney. Firewood right moisture content ought to be under 25%.

Furthermore, we offer wood cleaning service. Moreover, wood cleaning service success rate is 98-99%. Wood will be dropped as close as possible to you needed spot, dependent upon access for truck. Stacking of the Firewood is the responsibily of the recipient.

About the Company:
Originally based in Prospect, Black Forest Firewood has been providing legally sourced firewood for 35 years. Due to its carbon neutral properties, firewood is considered as the main source for heating and cooking energy. Our other products include blocked timber, hollow logs, whole logs and party wood.

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