Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws that came into effect across Australia are applicable to anyone conducting a business with paid employees as they fall within and under the new acts. The acts state that businesses are to provide verifiable checks and balances to instruct and protect workers as far as reasonable from workplace accidents. It also makes everyone from the directors to the employees responsible for due diligence in regards to all matters of a safe working environment. Further it provides harsh penalties including jail time for those who fail to take this accountability seriously.

Occupational Health and Safety Australia is provided by the leading OHS consultant Safesystem. It is responsibility of both employees and employers to provide a safe place to work. Employers have a duty of care to their staff, as well as employees being responsible and following the safety systems set in place. An effective Occupational Health and Safety system means a reduction in deaths and workplace injuries.

For any system to be effective Safesystem puts it in writing, and as well as have an Occupational Health and Safety Manual, the next step is to conduct an OHS auditing. An Occupational Health and Safety Audit is a range of assessments that are undertaken to determine the effectiveness of management systems within a business, and it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a safety system. An audit highlight and priorities the areas where there are opportunities for improvements. An Occupational Health and Safety Audit is a matter obviously within every business, and these can be carried out by professionals from Safesystem who come in and assess your workplace, or a basic assessment can be carried out internally.

OHS Australia by safety consultants from Safesystem includes inspections by experienced safety consultants. An audit carried out by a Safety Consultant is comprehensive inspection of your workplace and on completion a written report will be issued with notes of what needs to be done to improve safety standards. OHS audit from Safesystem comprises of Compliance Auditing, Hazard Specific Audits, Management System Audit and organizational structures, planning activities, procedures and evaluations issues and review cycles and measurement.

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OHS consultant Steve Main with over 30 years of experience offers compliance audit to wide range of industries, small, medium and large organizations. As leading risk management company Safe systems engages experts in OH&S Risk Management to provide customized and strategically specific OH&S systems for businesses and develop compliant processes that saves them time, money and eliminates risk.

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