Sit back, relax, and enjoy a seamless production with New York’s Manhattan Center. The venue is more than capable of hosting major events, concerts, and TV and audio productions.

[NEW YORK, 10/22/2018] — A world-class space, an orchestral-sized recording studio, and state-of-the-art production facilities — these are the best that Manhattan Center has to offer. These also make the venue a great choice for major events, concerts, and productions. Indeed, there is nothing else like it in the city.

The New York venue is an ideal location for large events because of its ability to plan and execute a seamless production. Of course, this is because of its full-time staff of event account managers, logistical experts, lighting designers, and TV and audio engineers.

This is how Manhattan Center operates:

A Great Team and State-of-the-Art Equipment Lead to a Seamless Production

New York’s Manhattan Center is home to some of the best audio, lighting, and TV engineers in the city. Recently, the venue installed a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system that make any production flow smoothly. For this reason, the venue is popular for momentous events, such as product launches, gala events, fashion shows, concerts, TV productions, and conferences.

Nearby Accommodations Make the Venue Easily Accessible

The New Yorker, which is a Wyndham Hotel built in 1929, is connected to the Manhattan Center. It is also a stone’s throw away from other notable locations, such as Broadway and Madison Square Garden. The hotel’s accessible location makes it a preferred accommodation for guests of events or activities in Manhattan Center.

Great Catering Services Make Events More Memorable

Manhattan Center understands that great food is a major contributor to a memorable event. So, the New York venue is partners with some of the best catering companies the city has to offer.

A knowledgeable team and advanced equipment can turn any event into a well-executed production. More than that, a comfortable reception and great food ensure that an event is one for the books. Manhattan Center understands this perfectly.

About Manhattan Center

Manhattan Center integrates all aspects of any event — even the most technical ones — into a perfectly-executed production. It features three remarkable event venues in one amazing location. And it uses 21st-century technology on two historical stages.

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