Another set of unique, eminently collectible beauties from Caran d’Ache, the luxury brand where Swiss precision engineering meets a fresh, bold creative spirit, is brought to you by William Penn. Celebrate an iconic Justice League superhero with the Limited Edition Superman fountain pen, a timeless curio that will help you to recognize and unleash your ‘hidden super power’. Brilliantly detailed in his essential deep red/blue colours, in lacquer with engraved and colour-coated finishes, the shape of the pen echoing his macho image, it is inspirational.
Caran d’Ache also pays homage to watch-dials: those beautiful repositories of the identity of exceptional timepieces, with their 1010 Timekeeper Fountain Pen. These “guardians of the grand march of time” are captured in elegant harmony, in this unique, desirable piece, enhanced with ‘guilochage’ and intricate engraving.
Apollo-7, 50th Anniversary, Gold Titanium Set
“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 50 years in Space. My father was a visionary who personified American entrepreneurship and innovation”, exults Cary Fisher, President of Fisher Space Pen, at the release of the spectacular Apollo-7 Gold-Titanium Astronaut Space Pen and Coin Set. This AG7 Anti-Gravity Pen accompanied the U.S. Astronauts on the maiden manned Apollo mission in 1968. An iconic pen, it performs reliably under extreme conditions of Outer Space and has an aura of global historical importance. A must-buy for the savvy collector, industrialist, aviator or technocrat!