When titled properly, bow headbands will be a good thanks to hiding a nasty hair day or add that further little bit of glam that you’ve got continually been searching for. reckoning on the color and magnificence of your hairband, it is vital to stay in mind however you must vogue your hair with every acceptable piece. With a super-girly beauty trend like headbands with bows, you’ve got to create certain you wear it properly and to the correct places, as an alternative, it will look goofy. during this article, we’ll re-evaluate the way to vogue your hair with completely different sizes, colors and kinds.

1. the big Bow

These items area unit daring, statement items. the thought for these varieties of headbands is that it ought to be the most attentiveness of your outfit. If you begin adding too several accessories, paired with a giant bow band, it will become overwhelming. massive headbands look best once your hair is left down in untidy tassels, or 0.5 up to like within the image to the left. If you wear your hair up in a very top-knot bread, it will create you seem unstable. you’ll be able to wear massive bow headbands to hide your bangs and a part of your forehead or push it back on the hairline behind your ears for a more leisurely work.

2. Knitted Bow Headband

These cute, knitted bow headbands are used for keeping your ears warm during the cold winters. Even though most of these headbands are large, statement pieces like the large bow headbands, because they are knitted, it is more appropriate to use these like a scarf when you’re outside. It’s true that you can keep warm and look adorable.

3. The Floppy Side Bow Headband

This look is totally for one of those days where you just feel like keeping your hair messy and natural. Place it overtop of your untamed mane for a hippie, boho chic look. You can also wear this type of headband like normally, but avoid putting it right on top of your head. It’s easy to make yourself look like a teenage girl if you don’t place your bow in the right spot.

4. Tie-Up Bow Headband

These are so cute and look great on anyone. It’s best to wear your hair up with these types of bridal hair headbands (http://www.cosyjewelry.com/bridal-wedding-hair-band-c-1_4/)to hide bangs that aren’t behaving properly, or to hide a bad hair day. No one will even know! Go wild with patterns and colors for these, it adds a lot of character to your hairstyle.

5. The Little Bow Headband

Classic, elegant wedding hair headbands(http://www.cosyjewelry.com/bridal-wedding-hair-band-c-1_4/) with smaller bows can be used for formal events or dressing up your look for work. These thin bands also look great in fancy up-dos, whether as decoration to actually hold your hair together, they look great. These bands look great with a high-volume up-do where the bangs are slicked back, or the bangs are parted down the middle and curled to the side. These hairstyles literally take a few minutes to do and can add a ton of glam to your look.