Atlanta, GA (October 15, 2018) – The Recording Booth is a new music television show that streams in October 2018 on the VH2 Network and many other streaming platforms. This television signs an agreement with many upcoming and established artists.

The first person to be signed for this joint venture with the Recording Booth is JJ Dae. This musical artist is from South Carolina and he presently lives in Atlanta, GA Metro Area. In addition to being a vocalist, he is also a producer, songwriter and guitarist himself.

Under the joint venture, the first release of JJ Dae is titled “Be Da Wavv”. This single will be available on various streaming platforms like Vevo, iTunes and Spotify and many other streaming platforms.

The joint venture distribution deal is between companies like S.I.G. LLC, Empire Music Management and distribution will happen through Universal Music Group. The Recording Booth television show is seeking more independent music artists to be on the future episodes of the show. So, artists can stay tuned and can follow the Recording Booth show. The show can be considered the Digital EPK for independent music artists.

About the Recording Booth Show:
The Recording Booth is a television show and it is a platform for independent music artists to gain the visibility that they deserve, such that they can elevate their music careers. The show is filmed in the Atlanta, GA metro area at the SAE Institute of Atlanta.

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