Miami Beach, FL (October 15, 2018) – In the United States there are stores that sell products at an affordable cost with the best quality. But, it is possible to shop in these stores online only if a person has a US Address. Here, people from any part of the world interested in buying from the United States can get the best help from Shipping GO LLC. They help customers to buy goods from the US stores with a US address and ship the products to their home country.

Shipping GO LLC has been offering this service for long. However, now the professional service provider has released a new version of the Cloud Logistics Dashboard. This service is available for all customers, who have an account with Shipping Go LLC.

Customers from any part of the world can now buy products on any United States websites. It includes new products and top brands. By doing so, they can benefit from the discounts and the lowest prices that are normally available only to the United States-based customers. Also, Shipping Go LLC helps them to get up to 75 percent discount on international delivery.

The company helps customers in four different ways. They can buy products in the United States at attractive costs and they can sell them in their own country. The second way they can benefit is that they can buy products in the United States and can ship them directly to their customers from anywhere in the world. Thirdly, the company helps customers to open an US-based Virtual Logistics and shipping Center. The final option available to them is that they can run a US-Based business from their home country.

Shipping Go LLC offers a wide range of services to customers. Yes, customers can gain access to the freight forwarding agents as the agents are located across different destinations in the United States. Also, customers get the option to save on their shipping cost and they can do this by selecting an agent in the state that has a low cost of shipping. When they select the right agent in the right state, customers also have the option to save on the sales tax.

Further, customers can receive correspondence at a US address and they also get the option to manage and keep track of the US parcels and mails round the clock. With the low-cost pricing plans offered by Shipping GO LLC, customers can benefit a lot.

About Shipping GO LLC:
Shipping GO LLC is an integrate with many popular stores in the United States like Nordstrom, Sephora, Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and eBay to name a few. Their aim is to make shopping easier and wallet-friendly for people from across the world.

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