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The Nevada-based organic ingredients supplier provides a large supply of safe and nutritious organic ingredients to bakeries, helping owners create a new line of baked products.

[NEVADA, 10/15/2018] – High Quality Organics offers a wide range of non-GMO and certified organic bakery ingredients to businesses that sell baked goods. Bakery owners can choose from organic arrow root and maple sugar to non-GMO baking herbs and spices.

A Dependable Source of Organic Ingredients

High Quality Organics understands the importance of the ingredients’ source for the success of a food business. That is why it provides nutritious and delicious ingredients while maintaining their safety and quality.

Additionally, the company partners with numerous family farms globally that grow and produce healthy and safe organic baking ingredients. It also oversees the entire process starting from planting up to the production.

The company offers assistance for product development, as well. It has a research and development team that includes flavor formulation experts. Clients collaborate with the team to create unique blends of organic ingredients that match their specifications.

A Large Supply of Bakery Ingredients

Bakeries can develop a new range of bakery products with the help of High Quality Organics’ expertise and wide selection of organic ingredients. Bakery owners can choose from different ingredients, such as:

• Cocoa
• Guar gum powder
• Maple flavor
• Natural apple flavor powder
• Hemp seeds

High Quality Organics offers more ingredients that will suit every bakery’s needs. Each ingredient is also available in bulk.

About High Quality Organics

High Quality Organics began in October 2009. Since then, it has become the only all-organic food ingredient company in North America. The company partners with hundreds of organic family farmers across the globe to source healthy, safe, and nutritious organic ingredients from them.

High Quality Organics supplies food businesses with wholesale certified organic ingredients, including herbs and botanicals, spices, teas, blends, and grains.

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