Cats need a balanced diet especially in their adulthood to maintain good health. Dave’s Pet Food’s Naturally Healthy™ dry cat food provides this and more.

[MASSACHUSETTS, 10/15/18] – A cat’s diet is essential to their well-being. As the cats grow into adulthood, they need proper nutrition to live a long and healthy life. According to Cornell University’s Feline Health Center, cats rely on nutrients found only in animal products because they’re obligate carnivores.

In the wild, cats hunt for prey that contains low amounts of carbohydrates, high amounts of protein, and a moderate amount of fat. Domesticated cats do not typically hunt for live prey, so it’s important to put them in a diet that replicates the nutrients they’d get if they were in the wild.

According to the Tree House Humane Society, feeding cats a diet consisting mostly of quality canned food is ideal. Dave’s Pet Foods offers both dry and canned food for cats with their Naturally Healthy™ cat food line that will provide a balanced diet.

Why Choose Naturally Healthy™ Cat Food from Dave’s Pet Food?

Dave’s Pet Food offers healthy and delicious food options for cats of all ages. Cat owners can choose from Dave’s Pet Food’s wide selection of reasonably-priced dry, canned, or pouched cat food in different flavors and formulas.

Canned cat food in Dave’s Pet Food’s Naturally Healthy™ Grain Free line is available in three sizes. The Low-Carb 95% Premium Meat canned food is best for cats who need to lose weight. The Cat’s Meow catalog features grain-, carrageenan-, and fish-free formulas.

Dave’s Pet Food’s Naturally Healthy™ Adult Cat dry food helps provide balanced nutrition for anyone’s feline friend. This selection is best for cats with urinary tract infection because the formula has cranberries and blueberries that help maintain urinary tract health.

At Dave’s Pet Food, cat owners will find multiple healthy and delicious products that their cats would love.

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