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Hardcoated polyester film is used to protect the surface of products which can be damaged due to scratching and direct contact with external environment. Hardcoated polyester film is scratch and abrasion resistant in nature. Hardcoated polyester film is highly preferred by end-users due to high chemical resistance and easy cleaning features. The demand for hardcoated film is expected to increase due to printability of film on coating which helps in promoting products.

Hardcoated polyester film is self-repairable in nature and soft for using or touching. These properties of hardcoated polyester film are used in touch pads and signature pads. Hardcoated polyester film is mostly used in the electronic products for branding and securing products from scratches and abrasion. Hardcoated polyester film has excellent weather resistance features due to which, the coated surface can withstand high temperatures and humidity. The long surface life and durability of the product is possible due to the coating of hardcoated polyester film.

The global hardcoated polyester film market is expanding with growth in the electrical and electronics industry. Electrical & electronics industry is the largest consumer for hardcoated polyester film. Hardcoated polyester film is used in the surface protection of control panels, touch pads, membrane switch overlays, and electrical insulation in the electrical and electronics industry. New research and development for improvement in properties of the hardcoated polyester film is act as a trend among the manufacturer.

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Hardcoated polyester film is optical and also finds application in the LCD panels applications. Hardcoated polyester film market is expected to grow due to broad use application in electronic parts that require high reliability. Hardcoated polyester film is used for the protection of a touch screen panel due to high fracture repair capability and moldability.

The hardcoated polyester film market growth depends upon the growth of the electrical and electronics industry. The global electrical and electronics industry is estimated to witness a rise during the forecast period, due to which the global market for hardcoated polyester film is also expected to experience high growth during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific region is the largest consumer for hardcoated polyester film and expected to register fast-paced growth during 2018-2026.

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In Asia Pacific Hardcoated polyester film market, China, Japan, South Korea, and India are the key manufacturers of hardcoated polyester film. North America and Europe are estimated to be respectively second and third largest hardcoated polyester film market in 2018. Latin America and Middle East & Africa are projected to witness the sluggish growth during the forecast period.