The Right Wedding Hairpin for the Right Dress

Naturally, your wedding gown must be chosen before the hairpin and other jewelry you select. You need to let your hair stylist see your dress before helping you decide on the proper hairdo and the right hairpin to accent your gown. If your dress is embellished with certain stones, such as crystals or pearls then a wedding hairpin with the same stones would be an added touch of class. The cut, color, and material of your wedding gown will definitely have a significant impact on what type hairpin you choose.

Let’s Not Overemphasize

Of course, you want your wedding hairpins to be noticed, but there is such a thing as going overboard. Be careful not to dress your hair with so many bridal hairpins( that you can’t see the hair anymore. Who wants to spend hours of time and effort on a hairdo then completely cover it? The bridal hairpin you choose should highlight your hair, dress, and other jewelry. When your hairpin is showy, you should not wear combs, or a tiara with it-that would probably be a little too much hair decoration. You can wear a set or a single hairpin as long as you do not overshadow.

An Array of Wedding Hairpins from Which to Choose

Hairpins that are appropriate for weddings can be constructed of various materials–crystal, pearls, rhinestone, bronze, ivory, or a flowery collection just to name a few. Your hairpins can match your wedding theme. For instance, a garden wedding can have a special hairpin shaped like a flower or even a dragonfly or butterfly. If your wedding has a vintage theme, then a gorgeous heirloom hairpin would work marvelously for that classic look. People tend to love rhinestone, crystal, and pearl hairpins for any wedding style. There is a wide assortment of wedding hairpins( out there to be found and sure to brighten up any UK wedding.