Gaithersburg, Maryland (webnewswire) October 12, 2018 – Presidential Heating & Air’s Maryland HVAC contractors recently published a blog explaining the advantages and disadvantages of forced air furnaces and heat pumps. The Maryland heating installation options are each suited to different environments, and it is important for homeowners to make the right selection.

Forced air furnaces use air to carry heat through your home. They require one central heating unit with no need for ductwork and vents and can heat the entire home quickly. These systems also automatically filter air before dispersing it, providing you with pure, fresh air with no extra work. However, forced air furnaces can be spotty, providing more heat to some areas of the home than others. They also require more regular maintenance and can be noisier than other models. In addition, dust and other debris in a room can be blown around as a result of the forced air. Placement of furniture may also be a concern, as it is important to ensure that they do not block the airflow of the furnace.

In contrast, heat pumps bring air from the outdoors and uses it to heat the inside of your home. They provide regular, consistent heating throughout the home. Heat pumps typically have a low initial cost and can reduce energy costs over time. This type of heating system can also be used as a humidifier. Heat pumps are not ideal for climates that have outdoor temperatures at or below freezing on a regular basis, and the heat produced by pumps is typically not as strong as heat generated by other systems. If installed incorrectly, a heat pump can easily malfunction and fail to heat air as expected.

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