Intilop a pioneer most respected and recognized in providing ultra-low latency and hyper performance complex network acceleration like full TCP, UDP, IGMP other mega IP cores, systems and solutions in the Silicon Valley area since 2009. We are developing and providing ‘customizable silicon IP’ in the field of networking, network security, embedded applications, data Storage-SAN/NAS that allows the customer to differentiate their product and make quick enhancement. Intilop provides 16K TCP offload engine, Full offload, Ultra-low latency, and TCP Offload in FPGA NIC and UDP offloads in FPGA, 40G MAC, at lowest rates.

We provide you Ethernet Acceleration design to improve network application responsiveness with more efficient data movement and reduced system overhead. We have 20 years experienced engineering staff, lead and implement the most technical aspects of the architecture and design. We also develop and provide you advanced technology complex intellectual property (IP) and system solutions for network traffic acceleration.

Intilop has specialized in delivering projects on time in your suitable budget. We have consistently achieved project success and built client loyalty through providing innovative solutions and unique value as a total solution provider, 10G FPGA NIC, 40G MAC, Ultra Low-Latency, providing silicon IP blocks and customizing them and much more. We have developed RTOS and hundreds of various software driver modules. Services we provide in the area of network security, network infrastructure, data security, SAN, NAS, IP integration, IP evaluation for UDP and TCP acceleration. We work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction to our valued clients. We are trustworthy and reliable IT Company in the city of California.

If you are searching for best IT products, then contact us, 4087916700.

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