They truly are one of the loveliest bridal hair accessories and can be matched perfectly to the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, and even the mother’s dresses.

Many bridal boutiques offer fabric swatches which are a valuable tool to create a perfectly matched fabric flower.

It is a relatively small detail, but one that carries a big punch! It is a perfect way to completely coordinate the entire ensemble and make it look like it came from a top designer.

Any size flower clip can be made from a very subtle one to a large combination of flowers, feathers, and ribbons.

It is a work of art in itself and you definitely want the finest fabrics and supplies to create a well made, handcrafted item. It is important to have every part of the ensemble look as expensive as the dress and bridal hairclips( for your hair is no exception.

Quality is the key so keep that in mind as you shop for hair clips. There are many grades of flowers from cheap machine made ones to very expensive handmade flowers from skilled crafts people.

It doesn’t take very long to make a well made, quality flower and it doesn’t take very much fabric. A fabric swatch or two can make a lovely piece! So if you are willing to search out the supplies and devote a little time, you can have one of the finest accessories available!

If you decide to purchase a fabric flower for your hair, choose one that has sealed edges and firm petals. Less expensive flowers are sometimes frayed around the edges and lose their shape. The color and quality of the fabric used will not have the depth and texture desired.

Milliners use a fabric stiffener and hand roll the edges of each petal. The petals are sewn together around a wire for gorgeous flowers. The center of the flower can have purchased stamens or jewels and pearls.

I prefer crystals and pearls because they look like precious gems with their clear colors and precise cuts. Individual crystals can be sewn or glued in the center of the flower or a very small crystal broach can be placed inside.

Feathers are a gorgeous addition to fabric wedding hair clip(, especially ostrich. They are a very classy elegant feather that is sure to make the most beautiful clips. They come in many sizes from the small down to long showy plumes.

With so many choices, you can have any size flower clip to fit your personality. Be sure to compare the different qualities before you make a final decision and choose only the finest! After all, this is your special day and you want every part of it to be exquisite!