Triline provides a comprehensive internal door solution with a variety of constructions for residential and commercial applications. These doors can be used along with Triline’s cavity sliding door systems and sliding door hardware.

[Derwent Park, 12/10/2018] – Triline, a leading internal door manufacturer based in Australia, offers a range of high-quality doors. Solid and semi-solid timber core is available for both commercial and residential applications.

Options for Internal Doors

Triline offers a variety of internal doors: flush panel, routed, joinery doors or kit-form doors. They offer a range of interior doors that come in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes, giving you unique options for quality doors throughout the dwelling.

The solid core door has a dense and heavy composition made from a particle board core. This composition provides impressive acoustic and soundproofing qualities. Ideal for both homes and offices, the solid core doors carry excellent temperature insulation properties that can cut down energy costs and consumption.

The lighter and more economical composition of Triline’s semi-solid core doors has two to three vertical slats that create a hybrid of hollow and solid core doors. The lightweight properties of semi-solid core doors contribute to ease of installation.

Comprehensive Internal Door Solutions

Triline’s collection of internal timber doors can be used in conjunction with the company’s range of cavity sliders and sliding door hardware. The composition of Triline’s internal doors is also ideal for hinged door applications.

About Triline

For over two decades, Triline has provided stylish and practical internal door systems to homes and offices in Australia. The company began as a supplier of cavity doors in 1996. They have since expanded their facilities and continue to grow their wide range of products to meet growing demands. Engineered for quality and durability, Triline provides bespoke door solutions that meet high industry standards. Today, the company is recognised for their sophisticated designs and door solutions that enhance accessibility and spatial efficiency.

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