The yellow sapphire is the gemstone reigning supreme in the variety of gemstones found in the world. The yellow sapphire is also known as the pukhraj. This precious stone is the best pukhraj yellow sapphire in the world. The yellow sapphire is found in different places in the world like Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar etc. Here you can find the high-quality yellow sapphires. The look of the yellow sapphire is really enchanting. It’s so shiny and is the colour of the sun.
The unsurpassed quality of yellow sapphire
This amazing gemstone is sold at many jewellery shops but you have to possess a talent to find out what stones are of high quality and what is not. This talent is absolutely necessary when you are going to purchase the yellow sapphire.
• The original, real and authentic yellow sapphires are lemony in colour.
• The cut of the stone is asymmetrical.
• You have to be careful to check if the diamond is heated or not because the heated stones lose their value.
• The gemstones will be spotless and clean. There will be no blemishes in the surface of the stone. See if there are any cuts and cracks on the stone.
• The yellow –coloured sapphire is most valuable than the other colours. It is the incomparable stone. The sapphire can be made into a ring tailored to perfection.
Many of the gemstones have the name of their origin imprinted on them for quality analysis. You can buy them as a gift for auspicious occasions. It will suit all kinds of traditional and trendy wear. The yellow sapphires are the eminent piece of jewellery. They look so beautiful and wonderful and when they are worn as an accessory they will add sparkle to your whole look.

Check the price tag
The yellow sapphire is sold on the markets for a fixed price and they may change occasionally. Let’s see the price ranges of the different types of yellow sapphire. The sapphires are checked in the lab and certified for their quality.
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Price per Carat
• The price of the 1.80 carat untreated and unheated yellow sapphire is 15,000 rs.
• The price of the 1.83 carat untreated and unheated yellow sapphire is 11,399 rs.
• The price of the 1.84 carat untreated and unheated yellow sapphire is 11,599 rs.
• The price of the 186 carat untreated and unheated natural yellow sapphire is 22, 100 rs.
Bangkok pukhraj stone price
• The price of the 6.11 carat natural yellow sapphire from Bangkok is 27, 400 rs. This diamond is lustrous and it is sculpted in the shape of the oval.
• The price of the tiny and transparent natural and hundred per cent high-quality Bangkok yellow sapphires is 5000. This is a small yellow sapphire that can be worn as an elegant ring.
The best place to buy yellow sapphire is by ordering the stones online. The online jewellers sell the best quality yellow sapphire that is as glittery and sparkly as you imagine it to be.