Overview of Ginseng the root of life and Superiority of Korean ginseng in KGEC

KGEC (Korean Ginseng Export Corporation) is a company found with the goal of making the excellence of Korean ginseng known to and enjoyed by people around the world.Our company has shipped our products to many countries in Europe, North America, and Asia and worked up its name and image with its premium products and through effective marketing strategies and through market research.Our company has produced top-quality products through its strict hygienic control and quality control systems covering all activities from cultivation of ginseng to production in its own plant, which has received various certifications including ISO, GMP, and HACCP.
About Ginseng The root of life:
Suffering from fatigue? Low energy? Constantly struggling with flus and colds? Take inspiration from Asian medicine and try ginseng, which is for good reasons called the root of life.
• Ginseng root contains saponins—active ingredients with proven benefits for your physical and mental health.
• Yet the saponin content depends on where the ginseng is grown.
• Ginseng grows well in just a few places on Earth. It grows best in Korea.
Korean ginseng thus guarantees top quality. Honeyed Red Ginseng Root
We thus are very glad to have earned the right to use this mark on LAVIVANT products.
Superiority of Korean ginseng:
Carbohydrates, including starch, comprised of 60-70% of Korean ginseng but it has unique ingredients, which cannot be seen in other plants, such as ginsenosides, polyacetylene, Sulfur-aromatic compounds gomisin-N and -A, and acidic peptide which has a similar function to insulin. In particular, non-saponin Ingredients, phenol and polyacetylene, which suppress the activation of sulfation and the propagation of
Cancer cells are contained in greater quantities than American ginseng, so Korean ginseng is very biologically active. Korean Organic Red Ginseng
Korean ginseng’s main medical ingredient is called ginsenosides and this has not only a different chemical structure from the saponin of other plants but also a very different effect. Thanks to recent developments in technology that can separate and analyses ingredients and materials much more precisely, up to thirty ginsenosides chemical structures have been revealed so far. According to the
Chemical structures of ginsenosides, ginsenosides are classified into protopanaxatriol (PD), Protopanaxatriol (PT), oleanane, and so far nineteen, ten, and one chemical compounds have been Separated and refined respectively. Korean ginseng has a total of thirty saponin, a lot more