Because of individual presence which kept the other, aware of the danger and hence continuously upgraded themselves in order to keep themselves and their family protected. However, with the invention of fire, Man or ape went a huge step forward that that of the animals. They began agriculture, built houses, started business, earned money and hence created a future under the dominance of human beings .Animals on the other hand, due to lack in any sort of natural stimuli, remained as they were or rather more specifically degraded themselves. When human grew more and more powerful, animals grew weaker and hence became an easy prey to the mighty human beings. They started hunting upon them for pleasure, for food and even for unnecessary reasons. But at a point, humans realized that they cannot live lonely in this world. They need companions. Companions that are not humans, but are definitely not harmful. Hence they started building natural parks and conservatories in order to save the endangered or newly found animals. So, you can now enjoy the scenes opting for JFK Park Stay and Fly that helps you to explore life in a new way.
JFK or John F. Kennedy Memorial park is built for one such reason. Named after the memories of U.S. President John .F. Kennedy, this park stretches across 623 acres, near New Ross in Country Wexford. Forest Plots at J.F .Kennedy Memorial Park are divided into areas containing trees from all the continents in the world. The best part is that, the park features woodland walks, a playground, tree houses and a lake with ducks , fishes and the clear beauty. A miniature train, a pony, and trap operate during the peak seasons. Group guided walks of the memorial are provided by arrangements in advance. The most interesting thing is that the park remains open all year, October-March, Daily 10.00am to 5.00 pm/April ; daily 10.00am-6.30 pm/May-August: Daily 10:00am -8.00 pm / September: Daily 10.00 am – 6.30 pm. Last admission: 45 minutes before closing.
Miami Park Sleep and Cruise is meant for complete relaxation .It gives you the sweet and charming taste of your life. So stop killing animals and enjoy yourselves with the pleasant atmosphere around.
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