It sounds interesting once you get something call easy or available or free of-course. is with the ease of accessing all kinds of web content for free.

In our day to day life we browse a number of websites, articles, images, videos and save them to access back; surely in a quick time. The online bookmark managers help us to save the links which can be read later. But at the same time, we have to stick to certain limitations where some or other way we feel to be tired or disturbed to pull out things. So the term “an organized set of links” helps to remove all the hassle. is designed in the extremely best way to access online bookmarks. It is both user-friendly and browser friendly which you can access anywhere, anytime.

You might have observed so many times that how Master Chefs keep their food items in a well-organized way and can be picked and tasted easily and the sound comes “Wow”. design and behaviour focus on providing the best user experiences.

MyFavs application has landed up with absolutely amazing features to bookmark your favorites for free. You can bookmark your audio, video, image and text-based web pages from almost all browsers in a single click.

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Features to be highlighted:
• has the prominent attribute to categorize and sub-categorize the saved links. You can create your own categories like sports, entertainment, news, beauty, photos, videos etc., and save unlimited links.

• To list out your priority you can rate your bookmarked pages/links on a scale of 1 to 5.

• It allows sorting the bookmarks by categories like News, Entertainment, Videos, Photos etc., in alphabetical, ascending/descending, date, month & year forms. You can select on a particular date range, for example, Jan 1st 2018 to Jan 15th 2018.

• You can filter your favorites based on your interests (articles, videos, images etc.)

• You can import your existing bookmarks to your account and also it further allows you to export your bookmarks to your email.

• You can click on the bell icon which sets your links to be read later.

• You can save your loved pages to any of your categories like News, Entertainment, Videos, Photos etc., just with a right-click and selecting an option called “FAV IT this page”.

• Control your data on your fingertips. is a secured bookmark manager. It by default stores all your bookmarks in the private mode. If you’d like to share your bookmarks/categories on other media viz. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Mail etc.., you can unlock the public mode which is available in categories. is available for both desktop and mobile users. The application supports all Android and iOS to benefit mobiles users.

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The commendable performance of makes it load faster. Hence, you can bookmark your favorites and access them in the fraction of seconds.

Very soon, is going to add synchronizing feature to its application where it will sync your bookmarks with dropbox or google drive account.

Are you eager to enjoy Install it to your browser. You can also sign up to its chrome extension and save your favorites. We would love to receive your feedback.

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