If you are unsure of the distinction a foothold, maybe a shorter grip, with two prongs that area unit close and is primary accustomed hold little bits of hair in situ, like the wispy bits at the bottom of your neck which are not long enough to be tied into a high ponytail, or for yearning your fringe back if you are growing it out like Maine. Pins area unit longer and that they have two prongs that area unit separated this enables them to be used for larger sections and that they facilitate maintain the structure of the hair. as an example, if you were attempting to form a staff of life you’d use pins to stay the staff of life in situ when you’d twisted it. If you tried to use grips you’d stretch them out of form and that they most likely will not hold the design thus well and since you have crooked them out of form you would not be ready to utilize them.

So must you be shopping for wedding pins or wedding grips?

Well, it will rely on the design you are designing on having on your day. I like several alternative brides you are designing on carrying your hair [*fr1] up and [*fr1] down, then you’ll likely want grips. however, if you Associate in Nursing your hairstylist area unit designing on making a complex updo then opt for a mixture of each. the marriage pins are accustomed to facilitating keep the structure of the design and also the wedding grips may be further when the structure is secure for further decoration.

How many wedding pins grips can I need?

The amount of wedding hairpins(http://www.cosyjewelry.com/wedding-bridal-hairpin-c-1_2/) you will need relies on the design you are attempting to attain. If you are solely designing on carrying pins and you have chosen a little style then you’ll want quite a few of those to create an effect. If you are carrying them during a cluster, with another bridal accent like a wedding tiara(https://www.cosyjewelry.com/bridal-crown-c-1_5/) or bridal hair tracheophyte then you’ll depart with carrying less.