Left coast marketing is the studio of professional Product photography and Digital Marketing Sonoma. It has now become a certified provider for Design Napa, Product photography and Digital Marketing Sonoma and brings a wealth of professional Product photography experience to all of their clients.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Left coast marketing wants to help businesses, individuals, and innovators tell their story to their target market in as few words as possible. Left coast marketing is the home of professional services, after serving different counties in California, they made a choice to expand their body of work into Design Napa and Digital Marketing Sonoma because they believe that there is a market for visual storytellers.

“I am extremely passionate for my works, whether I am taking an editorial shot of a highly paid model or a simple kitchen item,” says Dan the founder of Left Coast Marketing. “My enjoyment comes in taking something that others wouldn’t necessarily see as thrilling or beautiful and making it intriguing and enticing. I chose to venture into photography since it tests my gifts and abilities in a way that photographing a lovely lady does not. When I can make a customer see a cream and have to buy it, I have accomplished something wonderful. That’s why it was important for me to take my skills and get certified for professional product photography services.”

“Our goal at Left coast marketing is to provide fast and affordable digital solutions for all my customers,” says Dan. “We have all the resources needed to turn around jobs quickly for all our clients. We have a very relaxed and fun approach to life, and you can see that in our work.”

About Left Coast Marketing

They offer a variety of digital services as their creative super powers have grown over the past decade. They specialize in Photography with a focus on product photography and digital marketing. Custom Publishing, they can basically design and publish anything from a simple newsletter to a fully custom lifestyle magazine to a 200+ page product catalogue.

Contact Us:

Client Name – Daniel Chapin
Business Name: Left Coast Marketing LLC.
Address: 3996 Dry Creek Rd. Healdsburg CA, 95448
City: Healdsburg
State: CA
Country: USA
Postal code: 95448
Phone no – 707.479.5385
Email – info@leftcoastmarketing.com
Website : http://www.leftcoastmarketing.com/