Spices are the soul of Indian food and hence an important asset of the Indian kitchen. India is the land of spices and every Indian woman in her kitchen loves to spread the aroma of it. A pinch of spices is the happiness of the dining table.
But there are certain facts that you need to know while using spices.

Spices should be of best quality and perfect in its shape.

Every spice has its own aroma. Always check whether its smelling fresh or not while buying.

Avoid using the packaged powdered spices rather bring the raw spices at home, roast it and grind it whenever you need. It will preserve the freshness and flavour of the spices.

Don’t be stingy while buying the best quality spices.

Do not store the ample amount of spices. Always use the spices in lesser quantity.

Powdered spices lose its freshness and aroma in 6 months.

Do not refrigerate the spices.

While cooking, add water to grinded spices, make a paste of it and then cook it.

Make sure you have cooked the paste before adding tomatoes, vinegar or lemon juice.
Acidic juices can delay the process of cooking spices and you will get the raw flavour of it which will surely make you cringe.

Red chilli powder and curry powder need to cook more to reduce its rawness.

These are few tips my mother gave me and I am sharing with you because I know what it’s like to eat tasteless food for a desperate gourmet.