Slate Market is a type of metamorphic rock formed by metamorphism of sedimentary rock that consist of volcanic ashes and clay as key components of this highly useful stone for construction purposes. Slate building solutions are considered highly durable and are widely used in all parts of the globe as construction material, both interior and exterior of the building. Slate is considered as highly versatile building block for building purposes due to its exceptional properties allowing to make come back among other building material. In terms of properties, slate is capable of retaining its natural color in the presence of Ultra Violet light and have very low impermeability to water. It also remain unaffected when exposed to high seasonal temperatures and reactive chemicals. Owing to these properties, it application become highly useful for purposes such as roofing and flooring, and flagging and make building durable as well as attractive. In the recent years, slate are being widely used for cladding panels ideally considered as optimal solution for walls due to its high performance and low maintenance. Slate is highly sustainable material as compared to cement, slate cladding apart from giving elegant look to the architecture. In the recent years, the companies are looking for specific production requirements rather than maintain inventory and selecting block sizes and color ranges on a custom basis from certain beds in quarries. Across all parts of the globe, slate tiles are becoming important component of buildings with modern designs.

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Forecast factors and related impact on the market

The natural slate is gaining significant adoption as a siding material providing offering high reliability in terms of performance and attractive design at the same time. Traditionally, the slate has always been popular among installers for roofing solution, slate siding is also becoming popular among end users. The slate building products are considered as hygienic due to its anti-bacterial, chemical free, stain-resistant, noncombustible nature that has made it popular choice among home owners looking to construct home with healthy living environment. In this highly attractive market expected to grow at high CAGR over the forecast period, the companies are paying special focus on quality control measures across entire production processes before being shipped to the end users. Contrary to other commercial products, the production process of slate involves the combination of technology and craftsmanship to read, split and sort out materials. The companies are offering consumers slate products to incorporate into commercial or residential project for with enhanced customer service offering consultation services associated with innovative application areas of slate. Adding to this, the suppliers are also purchasing used slates in larger quantities. To maintain market penetration, the leading reputed manufacturers and exporter of slate globally offers slate products as per specific requirement of the clients in terms of shape, size and colors.

Global Slate: Market Segmentation

On the basis of use, the global Slate market has been segmented as:

On the basis of application, the global Slate market has been segmented as:

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Global Slate Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global Slate market are:

Virginia Slate Company, Vermont Structural Slate Company, Inc., Evergreen Slate Company Inc., Sheldon Slate Products Company Inc. UK Slate, Tegral Building Products Ltd, New England Slate, Snowdonia Natural Slate Products, Burlington Stone , Slate of China Stone Company, Acme Slate Ltd., Lepelle-Nkumpi among others.