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Al Marabea Street
6009 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 50 701 3431

There are many reasons why people may need a pickup truck. It can be to transport a very heavy item, shift furniture from one office to another or deliver an item to a residence. For the best in transportation needs Yalla Pickup in Dubai are known for providing high quality transportation services.

They have an efficient team in place that provides a seamless service with careful consideration and planning. Yalla Pickup is committed to making people’s lives easier through reliable transportation solutions.

Moving is stressful on everyone. While there is a great excitement of moving into a new home, the move itself is not enjoyable. A pickup truck in Dubai will make moving easier and reduce the burden and stress, every step of the way. Professional movers have the expertise of being efficient and quick on the job. They know how to handle fragile items and protect them from getting broken.

Professional movers use specialized equipment like hoisting straps and ramps to move heavy items. This reduces the chance of breakage and personal injury. Personal injury is something homeowners need to pay attention to during a move. While enlisting friends can make it seem cost-effective, it is not always the most effective solution. People can get hurt when moving heavy furniture. Enlisting the help of a professional mover will avoid any serious injury.

Yalla Pickup has introduced a book and track application. It is easy to book a pickup truck using this app which is available for iOS and Android users. Customers can order any size pickup and simple click on “where from” and “where to”. They can choose the date and time, and location. Customers are offered easy payment methods which makes booking a pickup truck convenient and hassle-free.

Founder and CEO Elie El Tom notes, “Our smart transportation solutions ensure that our customers enjoy timely pickup and deliveries. This eliminates the stress and anxiety of handling it on your own”.
He further notes, “We have extensive experience as a quality transportation provider helping individuals and businesses save time and resources, and meet their specific requirements in an efficient manner”.

Elie also states that, “As professional movers, we can move items both large and small quickly and without incident. We will fill up the truck quickly, and ensure that there is sufficient space to fit in everything, without having to make several back and forth trips”.

About Us
Yalla Pickup offers tailor made, superior value and premium transportation services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. With extensive experience and knowledge in the industry Yalla Pickup sets a distinctive standard for service delivery. For more information visit our website on https://www.yalla-pickup.com/