ASTPP is a leading open source VoIP billing solution. The official maintainer of this billing platform will exhibit this solution at one of the biggest trade shows, GITEX Technology Week 2018. As per the recent announcement, the community representatives will showcase the premium add-ons of the ASTPP to their booth visitors.

The ASTPP has 6 premium add-ons as listed below:

1. Mobile SIP Dialer
2. PC Dialer aka Softphone
3. TrueCNAM Display
4. Live Monitoring
5. AP Faxer
6. WHMCS Integration

The community leaders will educate their booth visitors about these premium solutions and their benefits to the service providers and the customers of the service providers. These modules are built by the team of the official maintainer of this billing platform. These add-ons are ready to integrate within the ASTPP: Open Source Billing Software to increase certain functional supremacy of it.

As per the shared details, the VoIP service providers can use the ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Software for free. To increase the business reach, customer loyalty and revenues, they can add the premium ASTPP modules. Each of the above mentioned modules is available as an independent add-on and the service provider can choose one or more of it based on his / her business needs and future milestones.

“ASTPP is a complete solution to run VoIP calling business for both, retail and wholesale service providers. These modules are built to meet certain custom needs of the customers. For example, the white label mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer can be used to provide an easy to use communication tool by the service provider for his / her customers. The AP Faxer can be used to add faxing service to the VoIP calling service business. Each of these modules has its own benefits and we are looking forward to educate our booth visitors about the advantages of these ASTPP premium add-ons. We will also help them in defining the roadmap for success. It means we will share some expert recommendation to help them expand their business with ASTPP and available premium modules”, shared Samir Doshi, Official Maintainer and Community Leader of ASTPP.

Mr. Samir Doshi and other team members that maintain this VoIP billing software will be available during the GITEX Technology Week 2018 to educate the booth visitors about the personalized use case of the ASTPP and its premium modules as well. As per the shared details, they will give recommendations as per the business of a particular booth visitor.

The representatives of the ASTPP community will stay available during the GITEX Technology Week, which will be held at Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai during 14 – 18 Oct, 2018. You can visit them at Booth No: B1 – 20, Hall No: 10.

ASTPP is one of the most popular open source solutions. It is a VoIP Billing solution developed on top of the FreeSWITCH. It has features of VoIP Softswitch along with the automated invoicing and billing related features. The community leaders and official maintainer of this open source solution will exhibit this solution at GITEX. To explore more details about this solution, please visit