National Mobile Sales wants to become the world’s largest phone service provider.

Phoenix, AZ, October 2,2018 National Mobile Sales, a Phoenix, AZ marketing company for wireless service providers is pleased to announce the launch of their new website The new website provides a faster and easier way for businesses and consumers to get the best phone and data services based on their specific communication requirements. By simply calling (877) 582-7764 which directs calls into the Switch and Save Today call center.

Calls are then handled by customer service representatives who are crossed trained by multiple service providers to provide accurate service recommendations. Recommendations are based on the caller’s communications needs and not a single predetermined sales agenda. This way callers can rely on the information presented is the best solution for their needs.

Robert Sanchez owner of Nation Mobile Sales (NMS) says the website and service is a result of the changing business landscape and the way consumers shop for services. Just like Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles, yet provides 15 million rides daily. Alibaba’s an e-commerce website which holds a single day sales record of $25.3 billion and owns no inventory.
National Mobile Sales wants to become the world’s largest phone service provider without owning any communications equipment. Our call in service is a great way to shop several different phone services and eliminates the time needed for driving from store to store looking for the best deals. Our NMS company is growing fast, thanks to thousands of our affiliates in the US and Canada who encourage consumers to visit our website.

National Mobile Sales is a communications marketing company.