Dealing with a legal matter can be a complicated and lingering affair. You may encounter strenuous and unpleasant situations such as divorce, family disputes, business conflicts etc at any time of your life. If you have been dealing with any legal crisis and looking for a sound advice, Rudraksh Law Associates comes to your rescue. Established by Advocate Peeyush Kaushik in 2009, the association has been serving people with honest and quality legal services.

Based out of Dwarka, the legal associate is backed up by senior civil and criminal lawyers and in-house lawyers, each having tons of years of experience in the legal fields. Their headstrong attitude and diligence make them a brilliant lot of best advocates in Dwarka, Delhi and even India. Advocate Peeyush Kaushik has pioneered the litigation for criminal and civil laws and fought high stake matters before various courts and tribunals in Delhi.

With a mission to ‘Provoke Thought’, the secret behind their success is clear focus on the achievement and interactive flow of information. They keep their clients informed at each point of the procedure which sets them apart from other legal firms.

The associate even has a strategic alliance with Senior advocates of High Court and Supreme Court. So you can be rest assured of receiving sound and correct advice on all your legal issues. From property disputes to injunction suits, from marriage registration to domestic abuse, however complicated it may be, the advocates and advisors have a perverse method to deal with the situation.

For those looking for the best divorce lawyers in Dehi, the legal associates at Rudraksh will help you deal with your matrimonial conflicts in the best possible manner. The divorce lawyers of the associate have solved many legal cases related to dowry or mutual separation with success.

Because of a huge number of winning cases, the associate has managed to carve a reputation in the field of legal advice and consultancy. The great team of advocates and professionals go to a great length to provide swift and legal solutions engaging every possible resource at hand.

Through their initiative of giving back to the society, they even take up pro-bono cases taking care of the most pressing and urgent issues for low income people/

In case you have any legal matter you need advice on, you can stop by their chamber at Dwarka district court or mail at