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With the tax procedures law in Dubai that came into effect in 2017, a set of common rules and procedures must be applied to tax laws in the U.A.E. These laws are namely excise tax laws and VAT that states the respective obligation and rights of the taxpayer.

The new tax law requires businesses based in the U.A.E to maintain accurate records for 5 years. Non-compliance of these laws will lead to penalties, as the U.A.E is committed to maintaining stringent international standards.

Tax Consultancy in Dubai provides VAT and tax services in the U.A.E and will offer their expertise and local knowledge in tax laws to monitor the situations of businesses.

The current tax law requires businesses maintain commercial books and accounting records along with other tax-related information. Tax returns can be submitted in any language to the FTA, however, a translated copy in Arabic must be provided if requested. A taxable business must prepare tax returns for the tax period and pay Payable Tax specified in the Tax Return time limit.

Tax Consultancy in Dubai has initiated an approach to make tax filing and returns less complex for businesses. The tax consulting service will offer advice on tax issues to foreign businesses operating in the U.A.E. They will guide their clients on how to avoid tax treaties, double taxation and review periodical statements and forms of businesses.

With major multinational companies making Dubai their base, these companies require expertise in global tax planning. With a new tax regime recently being used in the U.A.E, it has become important for companies to structure their business and comply with local laws. Tax Consultancy in Dubai will work with businesses that have been impacted by the tax laws, and enable them to meet the level of compliance and overcome any obstacle that they may face with the tax law.

Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy will prepare tax returns from bookkeeping records and ensure that the records are maintained with tax file returns.

“As late tax registration, filing and payments can all lead to penalties under the current tax laws, allowing our company to take care of your tax affairs will give you peace of mind and avoid having to pay penalties with hard-earned returns”, Sarah Ferguson of Tax Consultancy notes.
She further adds, “We provide quality tax consultancy services to our clients across the U.A.E and support their businesses to meet requirements of compliance and internal control”.

About Us
Sarah Ferguson is a Chartered Certified Accountant with over 15 years of experience serving a diverse range of businesses which include sole traders, start-ups and limited companies. Sarah provides a number of services including VAT, tax returns, annual accounts and payroll. She ensures her tax consultancy firm meets the needs of her clients ensuring value for money and customer satisfaction. For more information, visit our website on