If you’ve been asleep for the last few years, then you might have missed the chance to see the world crumbling. Human connections, both physical and digital, are now more strained than ever as tribalism, fake news and right-wing populism threaten the very fabric of democracy and truth.

The global recruitment industry has not been impervious to recent developments as fake resumes, expensive background checks and lengthy hiring processes run rampant. TrustLogics, with its emphasis on forging reliable human resource connections, is not just a mere recruitment portal or yet another online job portal – it offers so much more.

TrustLogics – The Future of Global Hiring
By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like distributed ledger and Artificial Intelligence, TrustLogics is poised to throw off the shackles inhibiting recruitment practices, and create reliable connections between job seekers and recruiters, which are in tune with the threats presented by an increasingly technology-reliant corporate world.

Whether it is the creation of a global hiring information gateway, filling up job vacancies powered by QR codes, the provision of a global availability status or identity management on the blockchain, the futuristic vision of TrustLogics expands from a single core concept: Verified Profiles or Verified Professional Data.

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Verified Profiles: A Complete Revamp of the Job Search Process
On TrustLogics, job seekers can verify their educational achievements and professional milestones, and recruiters can make solid hiring decisions based on reliable professional data. There are several benefits to be enjoyed by investing in the creation of such attested data:

1. Speedy & Smarter Recruitment: In most sectors and job profiles, any hiring decision usually boils down to a few pieces of relevant data such as employment history and grades received at university. Recruiters, like those involved in IT recruitment agencies, are required to analyze potential hires by conducting the same set of background checks ad nauseam.

It reflects poorly on the global recruiting industry, worth nearly half a billion dollars in annual revenues, that it lacks a single, universal platform for storing data belonging to millions of job seekers and the prior background checks conducted on them.

TrustLogics’ intuitive platform serves as such a global information gateway and leads to –
• A reduction in hiring cycle times by presenting recruiters all relevant data at the sourcing stage.
• An acceleration of the overall job search process by allowing job seekers to professionally network with potential recruiters long before the need for a job search pops up.

2. Cost-effective Hiring: TrustLogics is a platform that values and highlights verified professional data. Job seekers can get their achievements and milestones attested in return for greater and faster recruitment chances. Hence, the dangers of fake resumes are nullified, leading to solid hiring choices and a reduction in average hiring cost.

In addition, the global availability status option by helping recruiters quickly identify between candidates who are actually undertaking an active job search, and those who aren’t. Any unwarranted or potentially messy solicitations are eliminated with this simple mechanism. All these simple protocols can easily add up to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.

3. Complete User Control Over Data: The loss or leakage of professional data is just as bad as that of personal data. An individual’s entire educational and employment history is the sort of valuable information that many gigantic companies crave. By placing it on job portals, millions of job seekers run the risk of receiving irritating sales pitches, creepy personalised product or service suggestions, and specifically tailored digital ads.

This risk is further exaggerated when an individual is undertaking an active job search. In their eagerness to secure a job quickly, job seekers distribute their resume freely without considering the authenticity of the party at the other end.

But TrustLogics operates on a different set of rules compared to other data-sucking mega corporations. On our platform, an individual can allow the amount and quality of his/her data being made visible to various parties.

For example, job seekers can hide their gender when viewed by recruiters (for enabling blind hiring) and make it visible professional connections. In other words, TrustLogics is streamlining the process of creating reliable human resource connections without sacrificing a user’s data confidentiality.

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