Stop worrying about manually switching ON your genset during power cut. With the help of KOEL Care’s AMF panel for DG set, You get utmost convenience to get your genset switch ON automatically during power failure and switch off the Genset when the mains power restores.The AMFipanels are ultra-compact; and are over 40% smaller by volume compared to conventional AMF panels and is easy to install and operate. KOEL CARE’sAMF panel arepowered by KOEL switchgear are completely shrouded designs to ensure utmost safety and reliability.

The panel will sense a power supply outage and will automatically switch on your generator and transfer your load. Always Ready To Start, the Generator battery will always be charged and can start the generator whenever needed. LED Status indicates the exact status of whether your connected load is being powered by your generator or is being powered by the mains supply. Option to Switch off When you don’t want the AMFi panel to switch ON your generator simply select the Manual mode of operation is also available

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