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Kwang Woon is Korea’s representative global shipbuilding and plant company that constructs Ship Accommodation, Outfitting and Shipbuilding reconstruction to industrial plant using the company’s rich and diverse experiences accumulated over the last 30 years.
In addition we supply and install facilities necessary for industrial plants, namely asphalt, batching and crushing plants and we do our best to develop more diverse technologies and create more diverse experiences.
We, Kwang Woon are actively exporting our products to 11 Asian countries, including Japan, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan; 6 countries in the Americas, including the United States, Canada and Brazil; and 4 European countries, including Russia, Italy and Turkey. We produce these products based on advanced know-how taken from our development of diverse products.
Window & Wiper

Fixed Window
• Ventilation: Not possible.
• Location: Mainly adhered on the facade of deck houses but can be appropriate for any area.
• Additional info: used on the facade of navigation decks with possible C.V.S. adhesion.
• Adhering method: welding.
Opening Window
• Ventilation: possible.
• Location: mainly adhered on the side of deck houses.
• Additional info: can open in any direction either inward and outward, or left and right.
• Adhering method: welding.
A0/A60 Class Fire Resistant Window
• Location: adhered in areas close to firearms..
• Area of application: LNG, oil, and chemical vessels.
• Additional info: special window manufactured to block fire and heat when a fire occurs inside a vessel so that crew members and passengers have enough time to evacuate (within 60 minutes).

• STL. Weathertight Door & STL.Weathertight Door
• Application: Mainly used for Engine room.
• A dogged outdoor calibration. Usually 4 or 6 dogs attached. Lock by turning a dog clockwise a right angle and unlock by turning a dog counterclockwise a right angle.

Are you looking for Watertight Sliding Door Korea and Ship Spare Parts Manufacturer Korea? Kwang Woon shipbuilding industry in Korea’s representative global shipbuilding and plant company that constructs Ship Accommodation in korea