Yes, you heard it right. Oximeter has indulged itself into a new phase of ‘Fitness centers’ ‘Gyms’.

Now on why we say, that Athletes must have this device because it helps you get a fair insight into the oxygen level in your body. It measures your overall fitness level and yet provides you with a layer of efficacy for your workout routines.

By using pulse oximetry; it gives the athlete as well as the coach a look into what’s happening on the inside of their bodies. The oximeter is nothing except – ‘Analysis’. Analysis of the pulse which trends can yield insights into the various responses related to Athlete it’s related training techniques, and performance. Recently they have become available in markets mainly online shopping portals for athletes.

And then when we continue how we this Pulse Oximeter is really putting a great effect on the sports people, here’s something really exciting for you to read:

Be it any sport, with time it becomes increasingly challenging to achieve an optimal workout and participate in the competition. It is very hard to monitor the effects of exercise and hence this oximeter does the same. Whereas, when it comes to sports people including gym freaks, fitness enthusiasts, athletes they always have to stay on 3 words:

· Efficiency

· Endurance

· Speed

The above are the common core goals which athletes are always trying to achieve. No matter what the sport is, a race is or creed is, we all breathe oxygen and hence if there’s a way of tracking the amount of oxygen in your body, then why not use it?

Also, we have ‘Santa medical Generation 2 SM-1100S Fingertip Pulse Oximeter’ for all the athletes out there which can help them to reach their fitness goals and maintain their 3 core factors: Efficiency, Endurance & Speed.