MAPS.ME presents the ultimate travel companion in the form of a freeware app for any tablet or smartphone running Google Android. Fast, free and highly detailed, it provides offline maps complete with turn-by-turn navigation so that you don’t have to use up your valuable mobile data. This will come in especially useful when you’re abroad where roaming charges for data consumption can very quickly spiral out of control.

Trusted by more than 100 million travelers around the world, MAPS.ME is suitable for use when driving, walking or cycling. The latest version adds even more offline maps for several more cities around the world. Whether you’re heading to New York, London, Barcelona, Moscow or just about anywhere in between, MAPS.ME will have the offline maps you’re looking for. If you can get online, however, you’ll get up-to-date traffic maps as well.

Far more than just another mapping app for Android, MAPS.ME is your one-stop shop for travel information. Whether you are looking for rapid-transit maps, tourist attractions, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs or accommodation options in the area you’re at, MAPS.ME has it all. Last updated in August 2018, the latest version of MAPS.ME now has subway maps for 156 cities, 97 detailed guides to 60 cities in the catalog and more. As always, everything works in offline mode, and it is free forever.

If you’re looking for a navigation and tourist information companions that you can count on all over the world, then download MAPS.ME today over at