Mehul Surana who is currently gearing up for the release of the film ‘Kaashi In Search of Ganga’ says he is glad the film is receiving a lot of love and people are excited to watch the film.

Mehul interacted with media for promoting the release of his debut film ‘Kaashi In Search of Ganga’ on Sunday.

When talking about the trailer’s positive response he said, “I am happy that the film is receiving a lot of love and positive response, people who weren’t aware of the film at first have also said that they would love to watch the film.”

Mehul who has been working towards building a acting career says ‘Kaashi In Search for Ganga’ gave him the first chance. Talking about his first shot on set Mehul said, “Two days before the shooting started I found out , in my first shot I have to ride and bike. And I didnt know how to ride one. So in the two days I had to learn how to do it and I somehow managed on the day to take the take.”

Mehul will be seen portraying the role of Abhimanyu Pandey, when asked to talk about the character said, “Since it’s a suspense thriller, I can’t really reveal much about Abhimanyu Pandey, without him the film’s essence won’t be complete. He is a mysterious character. Even though you won’t see him throughout the film it still has the same amount of impact, Ganga has on the story.”

‘Kaashi – In search of Ganga’ stars Sharman Joshi in lead role as Kaashi along side, Aishwarya Devan as Devina and Priyanka Singh as Ganga

Directed by Dhiraj Kumar and written by Manish Kishore the film ‘Kaashi – In search of Ganga’ will release on 26th October.