The company made its presence known at China with Thin Wall Packaging Asia, Bangkok and ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA, Hong Kong

The Evolving Landscape of Thermoformed Packaging in Indian Fresh Produce

At Thin Wall Packaging Asia, Bangkok, a conference organised by AMI, Mr. Sukhdeep Sethi spoke about the ‘Evolving Landscape of Thermoformed Packaging in Indian Fresh Produce’.

During the presentation, he discussed the need for packaging of fresh produce, advantages of thermoformed plastics, the problem of food wastage in India, among other packaging-related topics.

Mr. Sethi also spoke about the importance of getting the produce delivered from the farm to the consumers in the best possible condition. To achieve that, packaging becomes a must as it ensures minimum damage and wastage.

In addition, factors like the growing awareness about thermoform packaging, demand for on-the-go packs, and increasing level of urbanisation has led to a fast growth of modern retail over the past 7 years.

Thermoform packaging offers many advantages like longer shelf life, growth in sales due to fixed SKUs, and enhanced presentation value. Moreover, with the advancements happening so close to home, many exporters – especially grape exporters – no longer purchase imported punnets and have replaced them with local options.

AVI Global Plast at Asia Fruit Logistica

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is one of Asia’s leading trade shows for the international fresh fruit and vegetable business. At the trade show, every link of the international fresh produce supply chain has an opportunity to meet face-to-face, and develop new business relationships.

Being held in Hong Kong, Asia Fruit Logistica offers visitors and exhibitors a gateway to enter the Asian market.

This year, the trade show was attended by approximately 13,500 visitors from over 70 countries, and 826 companies representing 46 countries.

AVI Global Plast was one of the exhibitors at Asia Fruit Logistica. We displayed our range of punnets and trays under the fresh produce category and received a fantastic response from the visitors.