Elision is a leading VoIP company that offers a wide range of solutions and services in various VoIP platforms such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, etc. The company has many off the shelve products to offer and it also offers reliable VoIP development services. The aim of the company is clear to make powerful solutions that supports unified communication using both traditional and SIP based telecom. Recently, a representative of Elision has announced to offer the WebRTC development services to build a WebRTC phone. The company will configure this web phone in a manner that it can be used in various ways by the enterprises, businesses, BPOs and KPOs.

The web phone is a web based softphone. It eliminates the need of additional application or software that works as the softphone. The web phone can be accessed easily via a web URL. It doesn’t demand any kind of installation or set up. The WebRTC based web phone can be accessed via any device. The WebRTC Phone can be used as a standalone application as well as it can be integrated within any solution such as, call center solution, CRM system, etc. Once the integration is done, the web phone can be used as an integral module of the existing solution.

As per the shared details, the usage of web phone is different for both, supervisor and agents or the executives and manager. The VoIP experts of the Elision make configurations in this WebRTC based web phone solution as per the required use.

“Agents and staff members get more calls. In fact, in BPO the agents get back to back calls. Thus, they sit with a headset on and keep attending the calls one by one. This is not the case with managers or supervisors. They attend calls less frequently or occasionally. In this case, it is very inconvenient for them to keep the headphones to hear the ring of an incoming call. If they don’t keep the headphones, they may get abruptly interrupted with an incoming call. Thus, we offer WebRTC IP Phone Integration for the managers and supervisors. In this case, the supervisor or manager doesn’t need to keep the headsets on. Whenever an incoming call is received, the IP Phone will ring. The supervisor / manager can then pick up the calls. Of source, they get the easy option to change this setting if they want to attend call via their web browser”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, this WebRTC solution helps in increasing productivity and streamlines workflow of the supervisors and managers. The companies and BPOs are using this type of custom WebRTC based web phone. The Elision offers a white label solution as well as offer custom features for communications, including, voice chat, video chat, instant messaging and file share.

The company has already furnished some customers with the WebRTC IP Phone integration and to generate awareness about this solution, it has published a blog post here: http://www.elisiontec.com/webrtc-web-phone-for-managers-and-c-level-executives/