The Executive Centre
Level 3 | One Central, DWTC,
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai. U.A.E

Tel: +971 4526 4777

The Executive Centre offers virtual office space for businesses revolutionizing the ideal solution for work-life integration. A business no longer needs four walls to function. The world has changed and the existence of mobile has made it easier for independent entrepreneurs and companies to transform the way they work.

The Executive Centre provides virtual offices a constant professional presence with a highly-prestigious business address and the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. They also have the advantage of accessing the global network of locations. The virtual office space is designed for success with unparalleled service and consistent support.

Office space depends on location and this is what virtual offices are all about. When entrepreneurs and businesses are unable to commute back and forth to an office, they can choose to have a virtual office space instead. A virtual office space gives access to easily accessible and central location without the extra overheads that accompany a traditional office space.

“And one of the biggest perks is the professional business mailing address”, says the Director of The Executive Centre. “You can send and receive all your business mail using an established office location”.

It is an expensive and time consuming venture to set-up a traditional office space. It is not limited to finding a physical location but also furnishing and equipping it with furniture and IT equipment. These costs can be challenging particularly to small and medium size businesses. The cost-efficiency and diversity of shared offices in Dubai make going virtual a significant improvement to the businesses’ bottom line.

The Executive Centre believes a virtual office will enable businesses to experience growth and success over a shorter period of time. The Director further states, “With a virtual office space your operations will become easier. All your return on investment can go directly to growing your company”.

About Us
The Executive Business Centre was first established in 1994 with the goal of providing businesses with shared office space. The company now operates shared office spaces across the world. We welcome independent entrepreneurs and businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic work space or wanting to enjoy the benefits of a virtual office. We offer a prestigious business address that is designed to enable your business to succeed in modern times. Enjoy the benefits of working from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit our website on