On this occasion Mr. Ruslan Desyatnikov announced to offer various courses on performance testing. The CEO and Founder of QA Mentor, Mr. Ruslan Desyatnikov, is well known coach and trainer in the software testing and quality assurance industry. He has trained many QA testing engineers that are serving in the best software testing companies in reputable positions around the world. Mr. Ruslan Desyatnikov provides on-site and remote training to students, software testing engineers, quality assurance managers, software developers and other types of professionals that want to learn the best practices and industry standards.

The company has announced to offer various Performance Testing related courses. The interested learners can opt for online courses and can learn online. The companies or a group of students can also opt for on-site training in which the trainer of this top QA company will visit the customer company and provide live training.

Below is the list of courses launched by the company to enhance the performance testing skill of the testers and knowledge of managers and developers:

• Performance Testing Essentials
• Performance Test Analysis and Troubleshooting Essentials
• Queuing Theory and its Applications in Performance Testing

Mr. Ruslan Desyatnikov also takes an on-site workshop on “Performance Testing Foundational Learning”. This workshop is perfect for Project Managers, Program Managers, Product Development Managers, Test Managers, QA Managers, Testers / Test Engineers, Test Consultants, Performance Testers & Software Engineers.

“Best Performance of a product assures the success of any product. Performance testing is a nonfunctional type of software testing and it examines all different aspects such as, response time, scalability, reliability, availability, capacity and many other aspects to assure the best performance of the software under different scenarios. Aim of performance testing is to identify all performance bottlenecks and fix them. We provide various training courses on this topic that educate learners about various important aspects of performance testing as well as best practices, tips, tricks, real case studies and more.” shared Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO of the company.

He further added, “It is necessary that all direct and indirect contributors to the performance of the software learn the nitty gritty of performance testing, including, project managers, software developers, etc. This helps in assuring that the software can deliver good performance and all best practices are applied from the very first stage of the software development life cycle.”

As per the shared details each course offers different templates, questionnaire and other useful material as well to benefit the learners.

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