UK, Oct’18: Xuper is facilitating Microsoft Windows 7 users by providing support before and after 2020. Xuper offers managed IT support and solutions all over the UK, with services like network security, network cabling and many more.

Xuper’s managed IT support and services can free you from time-consuming IT tasks like network security, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure. Their services include IT helpdesk support, cloud-based solutions, firewall protection, Panda security and Datto backup solutions.

Microsoft Windows 7 was one of the most popular operating systems and millions of people are still using it. According to a recent survey, 42.39% are still using Windows 7 and 34.29% have moved on to the latest operating system, Windows 10. The lifecycle of every Windows product starts with the release of the product and ends when the company no longer supports it. The product lifecycle helps you to decide whether to upgrade or make other changes to your product.

Xuper, on the other hand, are available for every kind of support service you’ll need related to Windows 7, or any other operating system, before or after Microsoft stops providing support for Windows 7. From data backup to data security, Xuper helps you in solving every kind of issue and gives you all the support you’ll need while using Windows 7.

Xuper can also assist businesses when migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or another operating system, following Microsoft’s announcement regarding the support deadline for Windows 7.

If you are using Windows 7 and thinking about upgrading or require any kind of support, visit our website or email

About The Company:

Xuper is one of the premiere managed IT service provider in UK, with the experience 25 years, Xuper’s managed IT services can free you from time – consuming tasks like network security, monitoring and management of the IT infrastructure. They provide services like IT cloud- based solutions, helpdesk support, panda security, document management and firewall protection solutions.