Mark Hunt has been in the business of buying and selling DVLA private number plates for 35 years and over this period of time has built up stocks of many thousands of DVLA cherished plates that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. On top of this, the company has access to millions more number plates so is bound to be able to supply whatever a customer requires.

The company makes a unique guarantee that customers will be unable to find their desired DVLA private reg from any other supplier for less. Whatever number plate is sought, Mark Hunt guarantees at the very least to match the price offered by another dealer, but in very many cases will be able to supply it for less than it is available elsewhere.

The company also attends DVLA auctions which are held every few months. In 1990, the DVLA realised that certain number plates were being traded on the market because the combination of certain numbers or letters spelled out names or had special meaning to some individuals and so it decided to enter the market itself, auctioning off number plate combinations that had never been issued before. Mark Hunt regularly attends these auctions to buy number plates for the company’s own stocks but is also prepared to bid for DVLA personalised number plates on a customer’s behalf if so wished.

The cost of DVLA number plates can vary enormously depending on the letter and number combination. The lower the number, the more expensive the plate, so something like TED 1 would be in the very high tens of thousands, or even into hundreds of thousands, assuming it was for sale in the first place. However, many DVLA personalised registrations start at only £250 plus an £80 transfer fee.

There can be a considerable amount of number plates which may not really have much meaning to the general public but could be important to an individual because it relates to a loved one, or perhaps the combination of letters and numbers spells the name of a business or the products or services it provides. For instance, there is a company called Willow Fabrics. While W11 LOW may not mean a lot to the man in the street, it could be very important to the owner of the business.

For anyone looking for any personalised registration, it makes sense to talk to Mark Hunt because (a) the company has thousands of registrations that cannot be bought anywhere else, and (b) the guarantee that one cannot get any number plate for less.