You can go through your Six Sigma training and certification the way you find it convenient. Unlike some of the other training programs, Six Sigma programs can be conducted in a physical or a virtual classroom. Many prefer an online 6 Sigma certification program because they can manage their studies conveniently. Once someone is aware of the Six sigma certification requirements, they can go ahead and sit in an appropriate training and certification program.

The white and the yellow belt programs don’t need any experience in Six Sigma. One can be nominated by their organization to attend these programs and one can also self-finance these programs. There is no requirement for these programs because one gets started with the white and the yellow belts when they enter the Six Sigma domain. The programs for these two belts are basic in nature because the participants are also expected to do the basic groundwork of a Six Sigma project. While there is a lot of learning that one attains through these certification programs, the more complex concepts are taught at the higher levels.

It is the green belts who have a more important role to play in Six Sigma projects. Green belts sometimes work as team members and they often lead teams when handling simpler projects. They should have a comprehensive understanding of the Six Sigma methodology and the tools and techniques associated with it. They should have the required functional knowledge and should have worked on improvement projects.

The Six sigma certification requirements are more stringent for the black belts. To become a black belt, one should have worked for at least three years in handling Six Sigma projects. Black belts should have the capability to lead project teams. Their time management and decision making should be best-in-class. Black belts are project managers and must know how to encourage and motivate their teams. Further, on the behavioral side, black belts should be able to perform cross-functional management. Black belts should also have thorough functional knowledge of the concepts like Root Cause Analysis, Simulation Mapping and Value Stream Mapping. They should know in detail about Lean, DMAIC and TQM.

Master black belt is the highest-level certification in Six Sigma. A master black belt should be completely thorough with the Six Sigma concepts. He or she is also a part of the upper echelons of the management team and should know how to handle project management, mentoring and training. One can appear for the master black belt certification after five years of experience as a black belt.

Now someone may ask whether it is possible that one goes through an online 6 Sigma certification program and gets these certificates. It is possible indeed, though not at every level. Online programs are popular these days because of the time that they save for the participants. One also has to do project work and other assignments and these are offline programs. a blend of online and offline is perhaps the best option for Six Sigma training and certification.

What are the Six sigma certification requirements? You will come to know and more when you enroll for your online 6 Sigma certification program.