Green and black belt certifications in Six Sigma are generally for the senior managers or process owners that are capable of taking up leadership roles. Organizations like have designed customized courses for senior employees who have already received white or yellow belt certifications. has training courses that can be imparted through various models like classroom coaching, online or a combination of both.

A green belt certification helps professionals to develop in-depth insight of the core of Lean Six Sigma Methodology. He or she then can be entrusted upon for leading Six Sigma projects and can also work as an important team member of a more complex project. Black belt professionals are however expected to take up leadership roles in Six Sigma projects.

Green Belt professionals will have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. They can also work as SMEs or subject matter experts wherein they can combine their domain knowledge and six sigma skills together to provide seamless integration. Different phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control or DMAIC can also be taken up by them. Six Sigma Green Belt certification helps one to understand the process of implementation, interpretation, application and performance. A good institute will train them on these very important skills.

By earning a green belt, you are eligible to receive insight from mentors who have years of experience in handling different types of projects. Many training institutes share a project template for selecting your project, which makes your job not only easy but exciting as well. Even before starting the course you would be offered project start up assistance from the seasoned mentors either through email or voice calls, so that you are all set to receive the full advantage of the course. During the training weeks, you would receive consultation support on your project. This ensures that you clear your doubts while working immediately and therefore earn invaluable experience hands on. Once you finish the training you would receive a certificate that will surely bring immense joy to you and of course the promise of a brighter future. is a professional institute that realizes the real-life challenges an employee may face. For example, when someone cannot afford to have a break of two weeks for attaining the training, he or she may just join for the first week and gather enough knowledge to start off with their projects. This jumpstart will not only save their time but will let them carry on with their work and solving problems at the same time.

Some training modules are designed in a flexible way so that after attaining Green belt certifications, the employees may move ahead for their Black Belts. Black Belts help employees to take up more challenging positions in leadership roles. From the perspective of their career, Black Belt is naturally more lucrative and rewarding. So, Black Belt certification from a reputed institute is always going to be in high demand and if you have already decided to go for Green Belt, our suggestion will be to finish Black Belt after it for a brighter future.

Green Belt and Black belt certified professionals shoulder greater responsibilities in Six Sigma projects.