Free Stock Trading App in Asia

The Money Pouch’s Free Wealth Management App recently ranked in the top 3 roboadvisers in Asia in the Business to Consumer (B2C) section of Kaplan’s Capital’s report in 2018.

The Money Pouch is an offshore roboadviser capable of trading shares of ETFs automatically on a client’s behalf. The aim is to deliver, stable, consistent returns over a 5 – 10 year horizon. There are many successful roboadvisers in the US market such as and, but there is much less choice for the markets in Asia.

The Money Pouch can help people who don’t want to be locked into long term retirement plans which often have hefty fees to exit from their plans or surrender their policies. The Money Pouch does not charge an entry or exit fee. Annual management fees are also very low and there are no annual management fees currently for larger accounts.

A spokesman for The Money Pouch commented, “We are excited to launch GBP & EUR strategies to compliment the USD strategies we are already successfully trading. The Money Pouch now has over 10,000 app downloads and since the report, we have improved the onboarding process and there are now more explainer videos on how to set up accounts. Clients who already have an existing Interactive Brokers account can simply download the app, fill out the risk questionnaire and simply scan and sign a one-pager to transfer management of their account over to The Money Pouch, which is managed by Hudson James Investment Management, a licensed and regulated investment manager headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and algorithms programmed in Germany. Newer clients will need to answer additional questions and will also need to provide a passport copy and their latest utility bill for compliance. However, we now have an introductory video which explains how you can set up a new account in only ten minutes. Accounts usually take only a couple of days to pass compliance checks and then clients can make a deposit and start investing”.

The Money Pouch will help professionals who are on contract work or in commission jobs, as investors can top up their apps whenever they want and have the ability to take a withdrawals from their accounts when they need them, for example, if they need cash for a downpayment on a house or car. For more visit

The Money Pouch is a free wealth management app you can download from the iTunes store or download The Money Pouch app via Google Play.

The Money Pouch uses low cost ETFs and a hedged momentum strategy to try to beat the market over the long run.

You can watch the video below explaining How to Set up an Automated Stock Trading Account in 10 Mins.

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