H.I.S Enterprise has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of magnets used as promotional items in South Africa. Established in 1989, the company has over 20 years of experience in this market and is a renowned distributor of EZ-film materials required in the signage industry.

The expertise of H.I.S Enterprise lies in creatively designing and manufacturing button badges, fridge magnets, mouse pads and other such promotional objects.

Button badges: Button badges are a great way of promoting a brand and one can even present them in trade fairs. The company usually designs round, rectangle and oval-shaped button badges that come with magnetic fittings. The clients of H.I.S Enterprise have the liberty to customise the button badges by placing their logo or a short message on them. The space for designing is very small in the case of the button badges. So, the message should be kept short and are mostly used for brand promotion.

Fridge magnets: The company offers four types of fridge magnets—Die Cut, Kiss Cut, Metal and Photo-frame. The fridge magnets offer a large space to be creative and design the face-up side as one desires. Fridge magnets can be used for promoting a tourist spot and for educational purposes even where the images of animals, plants, flowers, etc. have been captured.

Magnetic car signs: Magnetic car signs are quite popular in South Africa and a person with a creative belt may want to brand their private vehicle with different magnetic prints. The businesses can also customise magnetic car signs and attach them to company cars. The method is also promotional as it creates brand awareness and increases popularity. It is now easier to manufacture customised magnetic car signs using the services of H.I.S. Enterprise.

Mouse pads: Customised mouse pads can be a great gift to family members or employees. Children would usually prefer mouse pads that have been designed with graphics or cartoon characters over plain mouse pads. Mouse pads are still considered to be an essential component in the modern technology dependent world. With a brand logo is printed on it, the promotion will take a long time to wear and tear.

H.I.S Enterprise also offers creatively designed coasters, ABS rulers, counter mats, self-adhesive magnet pieces, conference name tags and magnetic sheeting to their customers.

For more information about the types of magnet products manufactured by H.I.S Enterprise, please visit https://his-enterprise.co.za/.

About the Company:
H.I.S Enterprise is a B-BBEE approved magnet manufacturer company located in Cape Town, South Africa. The company has efficient creative designing, sales and marketing teams that create beautiful fridge magnets, mouse pads, magnetic license disc and other such promotional products.

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Cape Town, 7443, South Africa
Tel: 021 551 5827