HR is the most important feature of any organization. It is the HR (Human Resource) that defines the growth of any organization. HR leads to the internal atmosphere of any organization whether it is positive or negative. A satisfied, confident, focused and well directed human resource when work with full confidence, it always leads to the organization a new heights of success.
Maintaining Human Resource is not an easy task. It involves many functions that an HR manager always have to keep in mind. Some of these functions are recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and learning, labor and employee relations, organization development.
Our Product
We at provides you an advanced Homecare EMR Plus HR Management Software. It contains all the features of HR management. It helps HR in managing the human resource in every aspect.

This software can be easily accessed anywhere through internet and on any device. Thus with the help of this software you easily maintain and check your records whenever required.

With the help of Homecare HR Employee Management software you can access your employees’ profile that includes their contact credentials and other important details. You can also broadcast any message to all employees. For broadcasting a message you just go to the option available select the employees to whom you want to send the message and broadcast.
With the help of this software you can also assign cases or task to the particular employee.

With the help of Homecare EVV System for Field staff HR can easily track the employees that are on field. This can be done with the help of FormDox GPS feature that is provided in the software. Now no need to call the employees for tracking them.

With the help of Homecare Agency Management Software you can easily manage the details of the different agencies with whom you are working with. This software helps to manage the data as per your requirement.

Thus for any type of HR management functions you need to manage just click on