The V65 has very compact dimensions in all aspects: height (2610 mm), width (1 700 mm with bucket) and length (4 780 mm). These compact dimensions contribute to the high maneuverability, efficiency and reliability of the machine for wide range of applications from gardening and agriculture to structural/civil engineering and municipal use.

The V65 is equipped with articulated steering and an oscillating rear axle. When used at a densely built-up location or construction sites with limited space, the articulated steering delivers great maneuverability with its 40° steering angle. The articulated steering also allows the bucket to approach the load in a straight line, even at the maximum steering angle. This affords the operator greater flexibility in terms of picking up pallets or setting down loads. The oscillating rear axle has a wide slewing angle of 12°, keeping all 4 wheels in contact with the ground at all times, even when working on uneven ground. Only the rear axle oscillates which means the weight of the machine is always moving in the same direction as the bucket, increasing the pressure on the ground when backing up.

The V65 is fitted with a powerful EU Stage IIIA, EPA TIER IV interim engine with a net power of 36,4 kW at 2 300 rpm which delivers high results in terms of operation and environmental protection. The hydrostatic high-pressure transmission offers maximum productivity thanks to hydrostatic drive technology and smooth power development without interruption of traction. This results for the operator in high rim pull for effective pushing or digging and good travel performance even on steep inclines. The V65 fits with permanent allwheel drive and automatic selflocking differentials on the front and rear axles (35% locking effect). Both provide enhanced traction when traveling in a straight line and turning corners – perfect for bucket loading.

Operating in a closed circuit, the hydrostatic travel drive delivers lots of power while keeping fuel consumption low. The V65 loader can achieve up to 20 km/h on the road. As an option, the V65 can also offer 0 to 30 km/h.

Designed to ensure maximum comfort and productivity for the operator, the V65 presents a performance enhancing environment which provides a very pleasant working atmosphere. The machine remains easy to handle, even when used in challenging conditions. Furthermore, the new Yanmar wheel-loader is fitted with various equipment which enable precise, comfortable and productive control of the machine: Fingertip control and multi-function joysticks offer optimal handling to the operator for a productive day work. All these features help driver and machine deliver high productivity.

In order to provide a wheel loader adapted for the job, Yanmar offers numerous equipment packages and additional equipment. Using equipment tailored to the job helps increase productivity, reduce wear and damage.