There is a wide range of wedding tiaras(, combs, headpieces, wedding hairpins( and combs, all offering different looks and all suiting different types of people.

They come in a choice of materials too. For the very lavish there are silver, pearl and diamond and for those on a slightly smaller budget, lace, feather, and crystal. Not to mention the combinations thereof!

The first thing that will determine what hair accessory you choose is the hairstyle you intend to wear on your wedding day. If you plan to wear your hair up then a beautiful comb, pin or barrette will work nicely. If you want to wear your hair down then a wedding tiara would be nice. To keep your hair away from your face you might want to choose a headband while wearing a ponytail allows you to choose a nicely designed ponytail holder.

The choice of material for your tiara, comb or another headpiece should, of course, match or compliment the material and design of the dress and possibly even the shoes. As an example, if your dress features diamonds or some equivalent, you’ll likely want a headpiece that features the same, in which case a tiara would be the first choice, a headband also an option.

If the dress is particularly flowing or floral, as some wedding dresses are, then a hairpin featuring feathers could be a very good choice to compliment it.

Also, think about the timing of your wedding. A late afternoon or early evening wedding would really show off a tiara or headband with a lot of ‘bling’ and sparkle, while an earlier wedding might suit the pearl or feather option best.

One less obvious thing that every bride should consider – and usually doesn’t! – when choosing her hairpiece is the shape of her face. Some hairpieces suit certain facial shapes. Here’s a quick guide to what works best.

Brides with long or oval facial shapes should opt for a headband rather than a tiara so as to enhance their look rather than accentuate it. Conversely, round-faced brides should opt for the wedding tiara, but a ‘V’ angled one to make the face appear longer.

Those beautiful brides with oval faces should avoid angular hairpieces, opting instead for a tiara on the forehead, a hairband or pin or comb that holds the hair at the back of the head – though this will depend on the chosen hairstyle of course.

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